Overall Record: 10-9


All Suburban

Ben Anderson (First team)

Jay Mulvey

Brandon Wermuth

Bill Uphoff

Golden Team

Jay Mulvey


Carpenter Cup Team

Jay Mulvey

Jay Mulvey was an all-around offensive force, hitting for both average and power, while flashing his speed on the base paths. Junior Chris Reyes was dominant on mound for the Owls, while sophomore Bill Kohler hit .300. Nick Mulvey played a stellar third-base and also hit over .300. Jeff News flashed the glove in the outfield and also hit over .300. Ben Anderson (DH) and Bill Uphoff (1B) had All Suburban years. Andy Moser had a great four year run.


“Chris Kilcoyne was the best defensive shortstop that I have coached at Bensalem High School.” – Coach Daut